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Sam Krieg coming to Solomon Island?

I’m afraid to jinx it, friends, so I’m not going to write too much about it right now. Let me just say that I recently got off the phone with someone’s agent…

[edit: hell, I can’t keep this to myself!] I always knew Solomon Island was ripe for lore picking, especially for a writer like Sam Krieg. Sometimes I feel like he’s been writing about us his entire life. It’s about time he came here and experienced the place for himself!

On a personal note, after years of dedicated letter writing, I am finally going to shake hands with the man who opened my eyes to the world.

Friends, this is going to be glorious. Shit, I really hope I haven’t jinxed it.

Stay tuned for more!

Cover of upcoming novel revealed!

There’s no stopping the darkness now! It’s coming!

The Sam Krieg breakfast special

He may be the voice of a generation, but he still needs to eat! I have it on very good authority that this is what Sam Krieg cooks up every morning. Bottoms up!

1 tall glass of orange juice, heavy on the pulp
2 pieces of brown toast spread thick with margarine and soy sauce
1 boiled egg
1 glass of bourbon

Sam Krieg going to Hollywood?

Two of the (very few) works Sam Krieg has completed in the last decade are screenplays: Massacre on the Mayflower (2001) and The Resident Horror Reborn (2006). Is this a temporary attempt to branch out and try something new…or does the literary world run the risk of losing one of its harshest and most authentic voices to the glitz and glamour of Hollywood?

I, for one, can’t see Sam Krieg at some pompous film premiere. He’s been quoted as saying he “won’t ever step on a red carpet, unless it’s to piss on it.” Friends, let’s take him at his word!

To those who pull the strings

In honor of Sam Krieg’s current work-in-progress, purportedly titled The Hidden World, we (I) here at Sam Krieg Sightings want to say a little something on the topic of secret societies.

They are real, and they are watching.

I wish I could delve deeper into this topic with you, friends, but the internet isn’t safe. I’m here to blog the truth – and I hope you’re doing it too! – but there are limits to what we can convey through this medium. That is why Sam Krieg is so important. His voice has grown so loud that they don’t dare silence it. He’s gotten too big, too popular.

His new novel is going to blow their lids and there’s not a damn thing they can do about it. I can feel it. Hell, I know it.

The Hidden World…

The rumor mill keeps grinding about a new novel (finally) coming out. The latest has it that it’s going to be about secret societies that pull the strings of our world. I am not able to confirm these rumors – especially not here – though admittedly I am eating them up like the rest of you. It’s been almost five years since we’ve had something new from Sam Krieg.

At this point I’d settle for a napkin with some scrawled scribbles on it. Hell, there would be more truth on that napkin than in any of the bullshit getting published now. Any mindless hack can publish a novel these days (thank you, self-publishing), but I’m here to tell you that it takes more to make a great novel than words and a plot. It takes vision. It takes real balls. It takes a man like Sam Krieg.

The Cult of Optimism

Friends, are you as sick of the age of positive thinking as I am? My doctor tells me I need more positive energy. Positive energy? What happened to medicine, doc!? Flying back to the island the other day, the pilot says it’s going to be bumpy so we should all think happy thoughts. Happy thoughts? I’m thinking we should’ve gotten a different pilot. A gloomier one who would have kept his mouth shut and done his job.

People don’t get good at what they do by being Pollyannas. They get good by anticipating worst-case scenarios and being prepared. Humanity as a whole survives – has always survived – by cultivating a healthy dose of fear and negative thinking.

Look at the characters in any Sam Krieg novel: the optimist always dies, the pessimist doesn’t. Does this make Sam Krieg a misanthrope? Do his novels need more “happy thoughts”? Hell no! Because Sam Krieg gives us exactly what we need to survive. He is the world’s answer to the cult of optimism, which is nothing more than a veiled apocalypse.

Help save our species, my friends. The next time some idiot tells you to be more positive, hand that sap a Sam Krieg novel. Because the only way to really love humanity is to loathe it. So get out there and give the world its daily dose of negativity!

My Favorite Covers

I recently had these blown up and put on my walls. What do you think?!

Are Sam Krieg and Stephen Bachman the same author!?

Sam Krieg writes adult horror. Stephen Bachman writes children’s books. Take a close look at the writings of both these authors and tell me you don’t see some striking resemblances. I’m not here to give proof or blow anyone’s cover – especially not that of my favorite writer. I’m just here to ask a simple question: has anyone ever seen these two together?

Still no third installment to Anne in sight…

It’s a widely held opinion that Anne Resurrected (1999) doesn’t quite live up to the savage desperation of Anne (1986). It’s also a widely held opinion that the Anne narrative – based loosely on Sam Krieg’s first marriage – isn’t yet complete. Narrative structure demands a third installment. And so do many of us.

Questions about a third Anne book are probably the ones Sam Krieg is most sick of hearing. I know I am. Let me tell you, friends, we should resign ourselves to a trilogy that will never be complete.

I have always felt there was something too personal about the Anne books. We see Krieg at his most vulnerable and, frankly, I am not convinced that vulnerability is the greatest gift Sam Krieg has to offer.

Brutality, savagery, rage, disgust, terror. These are what bring out the best in Sam Krieg. Anne is a touching book. But ultimately it’s too personal to be truly inspired – it’s too much like reading someone’s diary. This problem only gets compounded in the sequel.

The world doesn’t need more diaries.

No, we don’t need a third Anne book, Sam. What we need from you – what we’re all waiting for – is an opus!

You know you’re obsessed when…

1. You eat a Sam Krieg breakfast every day.
2. You’ve gone through his trash.
3. You can name every book he’s ever written, and a few that he never finished.
4. Your four-digit security codes all come from his books.
5. You’ve got a blog in his honor.

Come on, I know I’m not the only one!

New paperback editions coming soon!

New editions of certain Sam Krieg titles are coming this summer! So make space on your floor (remember, Sam Krieg hates bookshelves) for new editions, with new forewords, of the following favorites: A War at Home (1983); The Bleeding Ghost (1984); Anne (1986); The Lighthouse, (1987).

The announcement has led to speculation that one or two of these (The Lighthouse?) may finally be getting the sequels they deserve. I contacted Krieg’s agent asking if there was any truth to the rumor.

“Sorry, there are no plans for any sequels at this time. The new editions are coming out only because the licenses on the previous editions are coming to an end, freeing us to sell the books all over again. Sorry for the false hope!”

Well, there you have it. Despite new editions, we are still far from knowing what Sam Krieg has in store for us next…


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